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1️⃣ Hello it's me

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You have to start somewhere

gm everyone, Marin’s here. Welcome to my first blog post.

2024 started well with one full month in Hong Kong at the Polkadot Blockchain Academy. This experience made me realize it was the perfect time to contribute more to the Internet.

I’ll use this space as a personal notebook. No ads, no commercial partnership, just a space to deposit my thoughts.

If you don’t know me, my name is Marin and I’m a founder, CTO, developer and half-time degen. I discovered crypto a long time ago and keep exploring so far.

I’m particularly interested in decentralisation and how it could improve the world we live in.

🫣 What to expect?

Frankly I have no ideas.

Hmm… Still, don’t expect gardening guides. Even if I’d love it, this blog will be about blockchains. I’d like to share my experimentations.

NFTs, art, interoperability, game development, guides…

Whatever I’ll build this year, I’ll try to do it in public and write something about it.